Furniture Hoisting: What You Need to Know

Sometimes hoisting items over balconies or through windows is your only option when it comes to removing or delivering furniture from a residence or commercial building. If your sofa, armoire, large rug, or other home furnishings item can’t make it in an elevator, through a doorway, up the stairs, or down a hall, the best option is up and over!

Depending on the situation, there are different hosting options for different needs and circumstances.

In all hoisting situations, Vault takes care of the item, the property, and our crew members into account. We make certain the items are triple-wrapped, all surfaces are protected with pads and covers, and enough staff are present to ensure safety.

Hand Over Fist – Up 3 stories

It’s back to the basics with this method. With some mountain climbing ropes and old-fashioned manpower, items can efficiently be hoisted over a balcony to the second story.

Manual Hoist for heavy items – Up to 3 stories

These hand-operated hoists, also known as chain blocks or level blocks, can raise or lower items with ease. The pully system is effective in balancing the load, providing a smoother lift. Manual hoists are well-suited for light to medium loads.

furniture hoisting for interior designers in south florida

Mechanical Hoist – Up to 4 stories

Vault has the areas only German-made mechanical hoist. This hoist makes quick work of hoisting multiple items. It is quick, smooth and efficient. We not only use this hoist when items won’t fit, we can also use it to make delivering multiple items to second floors during major installations quicker with less potential damage to staircases, walls, and floors.

Crane Hoist – Over 4 stories

When all other hoisting options are not applicable, utilizing a crane is the last and best option. Vault has experience partnering with multiple crane operators and can guide you through this multi-step process.

By serving the interior design trade for the past 20 years, Vault has the experience, equipment, and expertise to make your delivery process a smooth one. When it comes to those situations where items just won’t fit through traditional means you can rely on Vault to assist.

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