Will it Fit? Measuring for Furniture Delivery

A conundrum as old as time—will the furniture selections fit through tight spaces upon delivery?

In some newer residences and buildings, access to individual spaces is not an issue. High ceilings, double doors, and large sliding glass doors make delivery of today’s larger furniture items a breeze. However, some older buildings and homes have tighter access. It is not unusual to find small elevators, single doorways, low ceilings, or tight staircases.

Before choosing items to present to your client, we recommend considering the following before placing any orders.


To ensure accurate measurements, you will need to measure the width and height of the doorway, including the doorknob. While trim, doors, and other fixtures can be removed for delivery to allow extra space, this is something to be aware of and plan for.


Just like measuring for doorways, you will need to measure the width and height of the hallway and consider any doorknobs, handrails, and fixtures that would be cumbersome to remove.


Not only do the height and width of the elevator need to be measured, but you will also need to measure diagonally from the bottom center of the door opening to the back ceiling. Handrails and overhead lights also need to be considered when taking measurements.


There are three areas you will need to measure: From the bottom step to the ceiling, from any landings to the ceiling, the width and depth of the landings, and from the top step to the ceiling.

If you are unsure whether something will fit, Vault Logistics is here to help. We will conduct a courtesy sight survey to give you the necessary information to determine if there may be issues during delivery. We take measurements and photos of any areas we feel may cause concern, allowing you to plan appropriately.

Want more information about our courtesy sight surveys? Please call 561-296-222 or click here to learn more.