Vault Stain Guard: Fabric Protection For Your Client’s Investment

Your time and talent went into choosing the perfect fabric for your client; and now that the installation is complete, that fabric undergoes the true test—life.

As a designer, naturally you want to ensure they will enjoy the look and feel of their upholstery items for years to come, but sometimes that enjoyment results in spills and stains.

At Vault Logistics, we offer DuPont stain protection with Teflon, which creates a molecular barrier between the upholstery and unwanted stains and fading and reduces fabric fading due to sunlight exposure. Our fabric protection is invisible to sight, smell, and touch, creating an invisible barrier against most everyday spills. It has also been proven to be safe for children and pets and is non-allergenic, non-carcinogenic, and non-toxic.

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What types of upholstery can be protected?

Vault’s stain guard is recommended for sofas, chairs, ottomans, headboards, area rugs, and all other upholstery.

How does it work?

Unlike top-coat mill treatments, our fabric protector penetrates each fiber of the fabric with a wicking action. This process prevents loss of protection through routine cleaning, wear, and abrasion over time.

Will it alter the fabric’s appearance?

Unlike other products that only coat the surface, affecting both the color and feel of the fabric, our unique protection formula penetrates deep into each fiber, leaving it as soft as the day it was woven. Additionally, it will not alter the color or texture of fabrics, regardless of fiber content, nor will it reduce the resistance to fire.

What happens if a stain appears on treated fabric?

If you notice that treated fabric has a stain, call Vault Logistics. We will assist you in remedying the issue.

Is it expensive?

No. Our fabric protector is affordably priced and will save you money on cleaning and replacement costs.

If Vault Logistics handles your receiving and designer delivery requirements, consider adding an extra layer of protection to your items before delivery. This ensures a seamless process and keeps your project on schedule. Interested in learning more about our fabric protection or scheduling an application? Contact Vault Logistics at 561-296-6222 or click here to get started.